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Our History

Inspired by 2 generations of Professionals in the tailoring business, Grandfather Ellen Narainsamy and Dad Mike Narainsamy, Kuben continues on the Narainsamy Legacy. From the beginning of 1960's Grandfather Ellen's minimal tailoring retail outlet in central Durban, catered for the average man or woman manufacturing trousers, leather coats, suits, and adjustments. Mike joined up with his Dad in 1970, and it was lately after that he developed the knowledge required to becoming a professional tailoring eye in developing on details. During the past 2 decades, Kuben joined up with the business enterprise from the early age of 14 and also like his dad needed to understand the profession.

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Our Vision

Our vision within the next year is to produce an extreme impact on the fashion enterprise and also create a massive consumer requirement. We are going to continue to endeavor to combine our sources of conventional tailoring and pure information into our designs to establish a ready to wear collection that exudes self-confidence, stylish decorations as well as distinctive appearance

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Whenever you move into our impressive display room, you will be immersed into a world of specialized suiting. Time spent around us in the showroom is an opportunity to ease off as well as being designed to be appreciated

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Our Products

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